COVID-19 vaccination for 18-44 age group begins in Kerala

The State is directly procuring vaccines from vaccine manufacturers for administering to the targetting group.

COVID-19 vaccination for the 18-44 year age group began in the State on Monday, with vaccination currently reserved only for certain prioritised groups within this age group, primarily those with serious co-morbidities.

The State is directly procuring vaccines from vaccine manufacturers for administering to the 18-44 age group

On Sunday, the Government had issued detailed guidelines regarding who among the 18-44 age group can receive the vaccine and the process required for the same.

Accordingly, a list of 20 co-morbidities had been drawn up by the Government, which includes serious cardiac ailments, diabetes and hypertension, cancers, end stage kidney disease on haemodialysis/ CAPD, immuno deficiency diseases, cancer, liver cirrhosis, organ recipients or those on waiting list, disabled persons with high support needs etc.

Since Saturday, 1.91 lakh persons belonging to prioritised categories amongst the 18-44 year age group in the State have registered for COVID-19 vaccination

Eligibility criteria

Of these registrations, 40,000 beneficiaries, who have uploaded the necessary documents regarding co-morbidities alone will be eligible for receiving the vaccines from Monday. Others who have registered can also submit the documents at their convenience and wait for a vaccination slot, Health department said.

The beneficiaries in the 18-44 age group should first register in the Union Health Ministry’s CoWin site,

The list of co-morbidities and the format of the co-morbi and then register in .

They can go through the list of co-morbidities and then upload the co-morbidity certificate from the doctor for getting priority for vaccination.

The applications filed on the portal will be scrutinised at the district-level and for those found eligible, a vaccination session will be scheduled by the district team at the nearest location, depending on the availability of the vaccine.

Beneficiaries found eligible for vaccination will receive an SMS message on the vaccination appointment.

Only those who have secured a vaccination slot by registering online should go to the designated vaccination centre. They should carry with them, the SMS they received, valid photo identity card and the co-morbidity certificate.

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