‘Create a conducive environment for farmers’


Condemning the BJP government at the Centre and the AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu, the CPI (M) cadres appealed to the people to bring an end to the present rulers in 2021 general elections to the Legislative Assembly and teach a fitting lesson here on Monday.

CPI (M) state executive committee member and former MLA Balabharathi, who led the protest demonstration to support the farmers who have been staging protests in New Delhi against the three Farm Laws brought in by the Union government, said that the Centre had conveniently neglected the farmers to accommodate their friends in the industry. Unfortunately, the Tamil Nadu government too had chosen to remain silent on this serious issue.

When the farmers had come all the way from Punjab and other States to New Delhi to show their protests, the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues had not even listened to the grievances. The people of the nation were watching the cruel ways of the BJP government. Very soon, they would be taught a lesson, she warned.

The CPI (M) leader further said that the Union government should immediately withdraw the laws and create a conducive environment for the farmers, who were already finding it tough to survive due to very many factors.

When the CPI (M) cadre were demonstrating, the police attempted to arrest them as they had not obtained permission. Under such circumstances, a wordy altercation took place between some cadre and the police. When the police tried to physically lift the agitators, there was chaos for some time. They said that such pressure tactics would not make them run away from the crisis.

The cadre also said that when the BJP was given a special treatment in their Vel Yatra, why was the police indifferent in their case, which too was in public interest. The elections would have the answer, they replied and courted arrest.

Similar agitations were held in Palani where the CPI (M) cadres staged a demonstration in front of the State Bank of India led by the district secretary R Sachidanandam.

In Ramanathapuram district, the cadre staged a demonstration in the district headquarters and in Rameswaram. After the police arrested them, they were detained in a marriage hall. In the evening, when the police issued summons to the arrested persons to appear before the officers at a later date, they agitated and threatened to stage a sit-in dharna.

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