Cubbon Park rejuvenation project to be unveiled on March 22

The Horticulture Department is set to unveil the Cubbon Park rejuvenation project on March 22, which is observed as World Water Day.

The initiative to harvest rain water and recharge ground water levels, has yielded positive results, claimed India Cares Foundation in a press release. Along with Friends of Lake and Biome Environmental, the foundation worked with the Horticultural Department on the rejuvenation project.

In 2019, two ponds — Karagada Kunte and the pond located behind the Wadiyar statue — and seven wells inside the park were rejuvenated. In addition to that, work on 73 recharge wells of 3ft diameter and average depth of 15ft depth was undertaken. Each well has the potential to recharge up to 6 kL during the rain.

“Qualitatively it was observed that despite heavy rains, parts of the park that would frequently flood did not flood this time and continued to remain usable for the most parts of the year. It was also observed that the groundwater level in the open wells never fell below 10ft from ground level even during the summer reason,” stated the release.

The system that has been put in place at the park has a minimum capacity to recharge about 13 ML and 26 ML annually.

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