Dangerous Silent Wave Clouds Telugudesam Party

Ever since the result was out on May 23rd, there is no buzz coming out from Telugudesam Party in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Except for Chandrababu Naidu’s statement, there is not much heard from the cycle-walas. So what is happening inside?

Reports are coming that TDP leaders are not in a mood to meet their cadres and talk about the defeat. The top brass of the party hasn’t even constituted a fact-finding committee to analyze why they have failed miserably in the 2019 general election. Also when some lesser popular former MLAs are trying to meet the former Ministers, there seems to be no proper response.

If Janasena is silent after this massive defeat, it really makes sense. But after winning 23 seats and being the opposition in the assembly, surely Telugudesam should make its presence and voice felt. But a ‘silent wave’ has dangerously clouded Telugudesam, making the party more vulnerable to political attacks.

Also the social media wings of Telugudesam party are taking rest it seems, as there is no content from the to party’s supporters to read and share. Hope the lull gets wrapped soon in this party. 

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