Data | Active COVID-19 cases in India declining as recoveries surpass infections

Cases continue to drop despite increased testing

After peaking with over 98,000 new COVID-19 cases on September 16, infections in India have gradually declined. Initially, this was attributed to a drastic drop in testing; however, cases have lately continued to decline despite increased testing.

Daily deaths are on a downward trend too, and new recoveries have surpassed new cases, thereby arresting the steady rise in active cases. However, the further opening up of the economy, especially closed spaces such as cinema halls, could have an impact on the numbers.

First fall

The number of new cases, deaths and recoveries has been falling since mid-September. Moreover, since September 21, new recoveries have on average surpassed new cases.

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Active decline

After peaking at about 10.2 lakh on September 18, active cases are declining. This is because of a fall in new cases and deaths along with the fact that new recoveries are surpassing new infections.

Mixed trend

Daily tests declined rapidly after September 16 – around the same time when cases started to decline. However, after a brief fall, they picked up again after September 24, though inconsistencies remain.


Nearing normal

The chart shows increases (>0) or decreases (<0) in visits to places compared to the baseline (0)*. While workplaces saw high attendance by June, retail and recreational places and parks recorded low attendance. However, lately, such visits have surged too.


*Median value for the corresponding day between January 3 and February 6

Source: Google mobility report, State Health Ministries

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