Debate on Bill on December 23

The Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom to Religion Bill, 2021, will be taken up for discussion on Thursday.

While the Bill was to have been taken up for discussion on Wednesday, it was postponed by a day. “We will start the debate soon after the House commences and push the question hour to the evening,” Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri told the Legislative Assembly.

Earlier, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister J.C. Madhuswamy said the Bill could be taken up for discussion on Wednesday and passed on Thursday. “At any cost, we want the Bill to be cleared on Thursday since it has to be placed in the Legislative Council on Friday to secure approval.”

The former Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa suggested that the Bill could be taken up on Wednesday and extend the discussion time till night. However, another former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that since the session was happening in Belagavi after three years, priority should be the discussion on North Karnataka. “If there is paucity of time, extend the session by a couple of days.” Eventually, the Speaker announced that the Bill would be taken up for discussion on Thursday.

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