Deputy Speaker Anand Mamani seeks Ministership

He says his followers have advised him to quit his post

Deputy Speaker Anand Mamani has threatened to resign from his position, unless he is made a Minister in the next Cabinet.

In a video released for his followers, Mr. Mamani said that he was a senior legislator and was working for the people of the constituency.

“I have been a member of the BJP since 2008 and a three-time MLA. I am working hard to develop the constituency and for the welfare of the people, I demand that I should be made a Minister in the next Cabinet. If I am made a Minister, I will resign from my post of Deputy Speaker and serve the people of the State. My followers have advised me that I should resign from the post of Deputy Speaker, if I am not made a Minister. I will follow their advise,” he said.

“I congratulate the national and State leadership of the BJP for the formation of a new Cabinet,” the party MLA said.

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