Director Maruthi went for a ride in Prabhas's car… The video is going viral

If you see Prabha s’s lifestyle, anyone will be amazed. Prabhas is very stylish in real life. Don’t compromise on dressing like that. He also hired a designer for that. And the real matter is… Prabhas is crazy about cars.  He never sleeps until he buys a new car on the market immediately.

There are many types of new cars in his garage. Depending on his mood, he takes out a different car. Prabhas also bought a Lamborghini last year. Its look is very stylish. Prabhas mostly uses this car when he attends the shootings. It is heard that this car was also used for an action scene in Prabhas’s ‘Project K’ movie.

Keeping that matter aside… A star director riding Prabha s’s Lamborghini. He is none other than Maruti. It is known that Prabhas is currently working on a film directed by Maruti. During the shooting of the film, it is clear that Prabhas’s Maruti was having fun with his car. Photos related to that have now gone viral. You too have a look:

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