Discussion on Prakash Raj sensational comments on Manchu Vishnu

MAA Elections 2021: Versatile actor Prakash Raj, who is contesting for the post of MAA president thanked the chief minister and minister. Prakash Raj took to Twitter to thank the Andhra Pradesh leaders.

The actor had earlier slammed the rival group for allegedly claiming that he had the support of Jagan Mohan Reddy in the elections. While campaigning for his panel, he criticized those dragging the names of politicians in the elections.  Prakash Raj said recently that he doesn’t need the support of the stars and the celebrities. He added if he wins with their blessings, he has to dance to their tunes.

MAA elections will take place on 10th October. Prakash Raj is contesting for President post and his major rival is Manchu Vishnu. Recently during the media interaction, the actor make sensational comments on Manchu Vishnu, “I was not born into the families of ANR, NTR or Chiranjeevi. I have my own address here and my Aadhar card is registered her. I do agriculture here. I am contesting in MAA Elections for the welfare of the artists.”

Prakash Raj who is confident about winning MAA elections, added that  after winning he would make first call to Manchu  Vishnu, to seek the support  in the construction of MAA building.

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