Distribution of deworming tablets commences


Distribution of deworming tablets to the children between the age of 1 and 19 in the second phase commenced here on Monday.

Collector Sandeep Nanduri, who formally kicked off the distribution of deworming tablets at Terespuram, said the tablets, being given to the children twice a year – in February and also in September / October — with the objective of saving the children from anemia and thereby providing a firm foundation for creating a healthy society.

“In Thoothukudi district, the tablet will be given to a total of 4,38,655 children. Hence, all the children should take the tablets to save themselves from worms that cause anemia,” the Collector appealed.

Since the schools and the anganvadis remain closed in the wake of pandemic, the tablets would be distributed through the primary health centres and the urban primary health centres from where the parents of the children could get the tablets between September 14 and 19 (for 3 days) and again from September 21 to 26 (except Tuesday and Wednesday).

The health workers would visit the houses to administer the tablet to the uncovered children on September 28 for which the parents should cooperate, Mr. Sandeep appealed.

Corporation Commissioner V.P. Jayaseelan and City Health Officer Arun Kumar were present.

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