District BJP seeks transparency in vaccine distribution

The Bharatiya Janata Party has urged the district administration to ensure transparency in the distribution of vaccines and wanted the details made available on a website for the benefit of the public.

In a petition jointly submitted by Modakkurichi MLA C. Saraswati and party’s district president S.A. Sivasubramaniyan, they said there was a huge shortage of vaccines in the district and people were confused about its availability. “About 15 lakh doses are available with the State government and vaccine stock in the district is not known to anyone”, the petition said. They said vaccines were not available at government hospitals, primary health centres or private hospitals in the district. Of the total population of 24 lakh, less than two lakh people were vaccinated.

The district administration was focusing only on vaccinating workers at industries and educational institutions. “It is a situation where common people cannot get vaccinated,” they said and urged the district administration to speak to the State government and receive adequate vaccines at the earliest. The petition also wanted transparency maintained in the distribution of vaccines in the district.

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