DMRC halts services due to lockdown extension

Delhi Metro services were halted this week with the lockdown being extended in the city. Last year too, the train services remained suspended for over five months owing to the lockdown.

A senior DMRC official said: “Two trains are being run daily from every terminal station in the morning and evening hours since operations got suspended due to the lockdown. This exercise is aimed at ensuring good health and functionality of all the systems like track, traction, signaling, telecommunication and so on, which are required for the smooth running of metro services,” a senior DMRC official said.

The DMRC’s revenue had taken a hit as services became operational only in September last with the necessary COVID protocol in place.

Loss of ₹10cr./day

As compared to 2019 data, the DMRC suffers a revenue loss of ₹10 crore per day during lockdown periods.

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