Do you need to sleep well? Just follow these simple tips!

One third of our population is having sleepless nights. Moreover, 48 % of people complain that their mental health is affected due to lack of sleep.  The doctors say that sleep deprivation is a real problem and a concern that should be avoided. If you make small changes in what you do at night, you will get 8 hours of sleep.

Tips for good sleep

·         Stop work and switch off the  computers about 30-45 minutes before going to sleep.

·         Difficulty sleeping in a new place. 

·         Late night workout affects sleep.

·         Go to sleep at same time each night, and get up at same time each morning, even on the weekends.

·         Stay away from alcohol and the caffeine late in the day

·         Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Do not go to the bed hungry or stuffed.

·         Create a restful environment. Keep your room cool, dark and quiet.

·         Limit daytime naps.

·         Avoid nicotine completely.

·         Include physical activity in your daily routine.

·         Manage worries.

 Normal sleep pattern-

An average sleep cycle lasts about ninety minutes. Ideally, you need 4-6 cycles of sleep every 24 hours to feel fresh and rested. Each cycle contains four individual stages: three that form non-rapid eye movement sleep and one rapid eye movement sleep.

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