‘Don’t send COVID-19 patients to Government hospitals in the eleventh hour’

Collector G. S. Sameeran has warned private medical practitioners against sending COVID-19 patients to Government hospitals in the eleventh hour after treating them without taking RT – PCR test to confirm the infection.

Holding discussions with private medical practitioners of the district on Friday evening to explain to them about giving treatment to COVID-19 patients under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, he said the private practitioners should inform the officials concerned whenever patients with symptoms of the viral infection come to their hospitals. Moreover, they should prescribe the patients to go in for RT – PCR test so as to confirm the nature of infection.

“Only after conducting the RT – PCR test, the doctors should proceed with the treatment. The doctors should not give treatment to COVID-19 suspects without conducting the RT – PCR test. Doctors giving treatment to suspects without conducting the test and sending the patients to the nearest government hospital in the eleventh hour will face legal action,” he warned.

The Collector also said that COVID-19 patients should be charged only the fee fixed by the State Government under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme. For more information and assistance, the doctors may approach the officials concerned to clarify their doubts.

When medical practitioners complained that most patients were coming to their hospitals only after being under self-medication for a few days, the prime reason behind worsening of the condition of the patients, the Collector assured that pharmacies selling medicines for COVID-19 without proper prescription given by a qualified doctor would be sealed.

He also warned the quacks against giving treatment to patients.

Joint Director of Health Services Nedumaran, Deputy Director (Tuberculosis), Vellaisamy and others participated in the meeting.

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