Don’t vote for the corrupt, MNM leader Kamal Haasan says

People must stand with honest politicians, Mr. Haasan said

As the 2021 TN Assembly election is a war between truth and corruption, people should not be careless about the outcome, but must stand with honest politicians, said Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) founder Kamal Haasan.

Mr. Haasan was speaking at Ambur as part of the fourth leg of his election campaigns on Wednesday morning. Speaking to thousands of people who had gathered to listen to him, Mr. Haasan pointed out that Tamil Nadu was at an important political turning point.

Taking a dig at political parties, he said that the people who have gathered in Ambur “have not come for biriyani.”

“Many said that MNM will disappear but the people are making it grow. You should use this people’s resurgence to bring about a change. All of us should pull the chariot, only then tomorrow will be ours [Nalai Namathe]. All of you should join MNM,” he said.

Speaking about the problems in Ambur, he said that the water quality was poor in the area due to pollution. “Open sewages are found everywhere, government hospitals are in poor condition. We have a plan for improving all this and also to improve the quality of education,” he said.

In Gudiyatham, he said that he was saddened to see a river replaced by garbage mounds. “This has to change and for that you have to give me a chance. Every one makes fun of me when I speak about salaries for homemakers but it will happen and our mothers will reap its benefits,” he said.

Later he spoke in Arani, Arcot, Wallajah and other parts of Vellore.

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