Dos and don’ts on the health front

Health dept. directives on COVID protocol

The Health Department has cautioned the public to take utmost precautions and to maintain all COVID-19 protocols while participating in the electoral process, as the second wave of COVID is spreading fast and intense in many parts of the country and cases are rising in Kerala too.

An advisory issued by the department says that every individual should wear mask, covering nose and mouth properly, while going out to vote and while waiting to vote at the polling booth.

Children should not be taken along with adults for voting. Everyone should carry their own pen for signing in the register. Mask must not be lowered while engaging in conversation with others. Maintain a distance of at least six feet with others, while waiting in the queue.

People should avoid physical expressions of affection when meeting others and restrain themselves from shaking hands when meeting others.

Those suffering from fever or any respiratory diseases should avoid going to vote at regular hours and should wait till the last hour of polling to cast their vote.

If in doubt, call 1056

All voters should sanitise their hands before entering and while exiting the booth. People should wash hands with soap and water as soon as they reach home, the advisory says.

The public can clarify any doubts in this regard by calling the helpline, DISHA 1056

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