Eatala not for self-respect but self-protection: TRS leaders

TRS leaders hit out at Eatala

TRS Ministers and leaders hit back at Eatala Rajender, saying the self-respect he was arguing was more about self-protection after the government launched investigations into his alleged illegal land dealings.

At a press conference here, TRS MLC Rajeshwar Reddy condemned the allegations against Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao that Ministers were being ill-treated. He said if Mr. Rajender was humiliated why did he wait for so long to make these observations and not leave the party there and then.

The talk of self-respect was for self-protection and property protection, he charged.

He said Eatala was given a lot of priority over others by the Chief Minister and that was why he enjoyed all the political positions from being a TRSLP leader and as a Minister. It was unfair on his part to level such allegations against the Chief Minister despite knowing that none would believe them.

Mr. Reddy said Eatala was one of the many leaders who were nurtured by KCR during the agitation and he was the true leader of Telangana. Entire Telangana society was with him and it would reflect in Huzurabad. If KCR had responded to a complaint by an unknown person to order investigation it was not dictatorship but a good democratic practice, Mr. Reddy said reacting to Eatala’s allegations.

Women and Child Welfare Minister Satyavathi Rathod accused Eatala Rajender of mortgaging his self-respect with the BJP for his personal gains. “Why is he joining the BJP that took away seven mandals of Telangana without its permission and merged them in Andhra Pradesh?”.

She alleged that Mr Rajender had grabbed the lands of poor people and was talking about their self-respect now. “Why did he illegally obtain those lands if he was so concerned about poor people?” She reminded that it was with the support of the Chief Minister that Mr. Rajender had blossomed into a leader.

The Minister said the entire country was looking towards KCR’s leadership and his development policies and Mr. Rajender had no moral right to criticise the Chief Minister.

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