Engineers dissatisfied with Pay Grievance Redressal Committee recommendations

Dissatisfied over the revision of their pay scale following the Pay Grievance Redressal Committee recommendations, the Rural Development Assistant Engineers Welfare Association has submitted a representation to the Chief Minister seeking to fix the salary anomaly and allow them to migrate to the 7th Pay Commission.

In their representation sent to the Chief Minister, the Association said there has been a misconception between CPWD engineers (with diploma qualification) and State service Assistant Engineers (recruited through TNPSC with BE qualification).

"Even after submitting relevant documents explaining the difference between the above two mentioned two posts, now the salary of Assistant Engineer (with BE qualification ) of State service is fixed on par with a CPWD Engineer with diploma qualification," they said.

While educational qualifications, job requirements, duties and responsibilities, risks involved in the job, method of recruitment, promotional avenues were to be considered for the determination of pay structure, they said: "On the contrary, horizontal and vertical pay parity logic has been applied with different categories/cadre instead of within the similar cadre/categories."

The Association expressed its disappointment that the salary of Assistant Engineer has been reduced and contended on an average of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 will be lost by each and every Assistant Engineer due to this revision. "We once again humbly submit our prayer to the Chief Minister to fix the salary structure and allow to migrate to 7th pay commission and provide justice," the Association added.

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