English Medium: Naidu Family is best example

AP civil supplies minister Kodali Nani lashed out at TDP leaders who are criticizing the YSRCP government for introducing English medium in the all the government schools. Nani cited the examples of Srikakulam leaders Rammohan Naidu and Atcchannaidu on their language skills.

“MPs Yerran Naidu and Rammohan Naidu are fluent in English and so they were sent to New Delhi. With their language command, they managed to get their work done from the national capital. Whereas Atcchannaidu is confined to Vijayawada as he doesn’t know English and studied in Telugu medium,” satired Kodali Nani.

The YSRCP minister also added that TDP leaders are unnecessarily objecting English medium in government schools. “Opposition leaders make their children study in English medium and international schools but they want poor and backward children to study Telugu medium. This shows their biased natured,” stated Nani.

Despite the opposition, YSRCP government went ahead with introducing English medium in all the government schools and is hopeful of getting more children in the schools.

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