Exit To Andhra Octopus Lagadapati

Yet again, Lagadapati’s prediction has gone completely wrong. Lagadapati had predicted that TDP would win 100 (plus or minus 10 seats) and 72 (plus or minus 7 seats) for YCP and 3 for others. Whereas, the actual results are in total contrast with RG’s Flash Survey.

Going by the present trends, YCP is clearly leading in 152 Assembly constituencies, whereas TDP is limited to lead in 23 seats. This is total opposite to Lagadapat’s prediction. Even Lagadapati’s prediction for Telangana Lok Sabha polls got completely wrong. While Lagadapati had predicted that TRS will win 16 out of 16 seats, TRS is leading in 9 seats, while Congress is leading in 3 seats and BJP is leading in 4 seats.

Many who believed in Lagadapati’s prediction are venting out their angst on his surveys. Even as other psephologists predicted landslide victory for Jagan, Lagadapati had predicted otherwise. Now, surveyors and other political analysts opine that the credibility of Lagadapati’s surveys have drastically affected. Punters who believed in Lagadapati said to have lost crores. Overall, one more disaster prediction from Andhra Octopus.

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