Experts raise alarm over increasing incidence of hypertension

Project PrACHI- Prioritizing Advocacy for Control of Hypertension in India, was launched by the Family Planning Association of India, with support from Global Health Advocacy Incubator, a press release said

The Family Planning Association of India (FPA India), has raised alarm over hypertension (high blood pressure), a silent killer that could potentially add to the burden of disease in the country, which is already facing the COVID-19 pandemic, a press release said.

At a webinar held to commemorate the 72nd foundation day of FPA India on Friday, on ‘Expanding the Horizons of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’, experts discussed the increasing incidence of hypertension. The event also marked the launch of ‘Project PrACHI- Prioritizing Advocacy for Control of Hypertension in India’, a nation-wide campaign supported by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator, to accelerate hypertension control and treatment.

Rathnamala Desai, President, FPA India said that regular preventive health check-ups should be encouraged among the younger working age population (35-65 years) and women in the reproductive age, to pick up underlying hypertension that can potentially lead to adverse cardiovascular or reproductive health events.

“Almost one in five women aged 15–49 years in India has undiagnosed hypertension with implications for personal and reproductive health,” said Sonu Goel, Professor, Department of Community Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Vandana Shah, Regional Director, Global Health Advocacy Incubator said, “A high prevalence of hypertension exacts a tremendous price on public health. The pandemic has shown us how people living with chronic conditions like hypertension can become sicker and be more at risk of dying.”

In India almost 30% of adults have hypertension, and an alarmingly high number are unaware of their condition, the press release said.

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