Fare hike across all categories of bus services

The hike likely to cut down losses by at least haf

The cost of travelling in Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) buses in Hyderabad would increase by at least ₹ 5 on existing ticket prices from Tuesday.

This is applicable for City Ordinary, Metro Express and Metro Deluxe buses. If the distance is more than 40-kms or has more than 23 stages, the ticket charges increase by ₹ 10.

In case of bus passes, people would have to shell out 18% to 23.3% more than what they used to pay earlier. For instance, Students General Bus Ticket (SGBT) charges for a month increases from ₹ 130 to ₹ 165.

Addressing a press conference at Jubilee Bus Station, Secunderabad, on Monday, Executive Director of TSRTC’s Greater Hyderabad Zone V. Venkateshwarlu said that people have to pay ₹ 5 more than what they used to earlier to buy a ticket in the three kinds of buses (City Ordinary, Metro Express and Metro Delux).

“If the distance to be travelled is more than 40-kms or crosses 23rd stage, the hike is ₹ 10,” Mr. Venkateshwarlu explained. Charges in Air Conditioned buses remains the same as people pointed out that the ticket fares in AC buses is already high.

The hike in bus ticket and passes charges will bring an additional revenue of ₹ 27 crore to the corporation’s Greater Hyderabad Zone. Prior to the hike, the monthly revenue in the zone was around ₹ 96 crore and expenditure was ₹ 145 crore. So the monthly loss was at least ₹ 49 crore. With the hike, the loss will come down to ₹ 23 crore per month.

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