Farmers plead for linking Kadaiyakudi lake with GA Canal


Farmers of three villages in Budalur taluk have pleaded that a new feeder canal be created to bring water to a lake in their area so that they could take up agricultural operations with confidence.

The Kadaiyakudi lake spread over 100 acres serves as the main source of irrigation for the farmers in Kadaiyakudi, Surakudipatti and Solagampatti. Normally, the farmers of these villages will take up cultivation of paddy during the rainy season every year as their irrigation requirements will be taken care of by the water that gets stored in the Kadaiyakudi lake which has the Uyyakondan Extension Channel as its feeder canal. The feeder canal starts from the Vazhavanthankottai lake in Tiruchi district and merges at Kadaiyakudi lake.

Every year the prospects of sustaining the late Samba crop cultivation on about 300 acres of agricultural lands by the Kadaiyakudi, Surakudipatti and Solagampatti hamlets heavily depend on the arrival of Cauvery water through the 72-kilometre-long Uyyakondan channel which originates near Tiruchi, according to T.Balan, a progressive farmer.

This season cultivation of late Samba crop in these three villages got delayed due to the unexpected and unprecedented inclement weather conditions, he said and added that the transplantation of crop was completed by the farmers late in December 2020.

At the same time, the farmers claimed water release from the Vazhavanthankottai lake into Uyyakondan Extension Channel became a reality only during December 2020, though the shutters of the Stanley Reservoir at Mettur was lifted on the scheduled date of June 12.

Now with the closure of the Mettur Dam on the customary date of January 28 and the water flow in the Uyyakondan extension channel had been cut off and saving the standing crop in around 300 acres of lands at Kadaiyakudi, Surakudipatti and Solgampatti has become a Herculean task, the farmers said.

In order to save farmers of these three villages from taking up risky late Samba cultivation every season, they suggested that a new feeder canal to the Kadaiyakudi lake be created to conduct water from the Grand Anicut Canal, which is located just three kilometres from the Kadaiyakudi lake.

Such a measure would result in weeding out the heavy dependence on the water arrival to Kadaiyakudi lake through the Uyyakondan irrigation system and ensure timely storage of water in Kadaiyakudi lake for future use, they added.

A demonstration was also organised by the local farmers at Kattuvari irrigation channel near Kadaiyakudi recently in support of their long-pending demand.

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