Few Omicron patients were given only multi-vitamins

People urged to wear masks, maintain physical distance and take vaccines

When Omicron cases were detected in the State on the night of December 14, there were several questions about its severity, medical condition of patients, treatment methods and others.

Till December 25, 41 cases of the variant were detected in the State. Of them, ten were discharged on Friday.

A few among the ten Omicron patients who were discharged from Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS), Gachibowli, were given only multi-vitamin tablets since they did not have any symptoms. Some more were given medicines based on the symptoms. They were either asymptomatic or had mild symptoms like cold.

TIMS Director Dr Vimala Thomas said that all the ten patients have recovered and none of their condition was serious.

Public health specialists and government hospital doctors have earlier cautioned that virus mutates when it passes through human beings multiple times, which could make it virulent. To avoid this, people were urged to wear mask, maintain physical distancing, besides taking vaccines.

Effect of the variant on people with severe co-morbidities is yet to be learnt. Doctors said that if it has severe effect, people could face troubling times again and hospitals would be burdened.

While doctors and health staff at TIMS were prepared with high-end medicines, mechanical ventilators and other medical resources to attend Omicron patients if their condition was to become critical, doctors from the hospital said that none of the ten patients needed mechanical ventilator or intense medical support.

"Omicron did not lead to severe health complication in any of the ten patients who were discharged," said Dr Ehsan Ahmed Khan, medical superintendent of TIMS. The patients were discharged after testing negative in RT PCR.

Currently, people in Telangana who are detected with Omicron are admitted at TIMS. Apart from the providing symptomatic treatment, isolation of the patients at the health facility is a measure to contain the spread of the variant. Some more are expected to be discharged in coming days.

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