Foreigners steal cash from shop in Sriperumbudur

Two foreigners diverted the attention of the owner of a two-wheeler showroom in Sriperumbudur and stole ₹60,000 from the counter on Friday.

According to the police, the two-wheeler showroom on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway belongs to Sushil Kumar. On Friday, the two customers arrived at the shop around 2.30 pm. They struck a conversation with Sushil and claimed that they were working in a MNC in Bengaluru.

While one of the foreigners purchased a souvenir from the shop for Rs. 500, another one diverted the attention of the owner by asking him about the bikes on display. Using this time, the foreigner who made the purchase stole a bundle of notes from the counter.

The two left the spot immediately. Sushil Kumar who checked the counter later was shocked to find the cash missing. Upon checking the CCTV footage, he found that the foreigners who posed as customers had stolen the money. The registration plate of the car they came in was covered with slush.

Based on Sushil Kumar’s complaint, Sriperumbudur police have launched a hunt for the suspects.

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