Fully n*de Sofia Hayat stands in bathroom

A model, singer, actress, and nun are the words which are very less to describe this multi-ambitious lady Sofia Hayat.  She is not new when it comes to making headlines with her b*ld  photographs and the statements.  Sofia knows well how to be in news headlines. On several occasions, she has been a victim of trolls. Few days ago, Sofia Hayat  took to Instagram and shared a n*de pic of her from bathroom and captioned it: Strong enough to hold up walls! Do not let the walls of Jericho fall again..and so I did not..

She may have made a distance from the screen but through social media she remains in touch with her  fans.  She keeps sharing her traditional photographs, sometimes calling herself completely religious and sometimes she becomes absolutely b*d. And this time Sofia Hayat has crossed all limits as he has got a n*ude photoshoot done while standing in the bathroom.

Fully n*de Sofia Hayat is standing with the support of the wall. She is being trolled badley by the netizens. One of the Instagram user said: Kuch bacha hai chipane ke liye. The netizens are writing very lewd and objectionable things in the comment box.

 Sofia Hayat is known for acting in  few movies like  ‘Aksar-2’ and ‘Naach Le London’.


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