Gang selling rented cars busted

They promised high rental and took cars on rent and then sold or mortagaged them, say police

With the arrest of six persons, the Cyberabad police busted a gang of car rental offenders and seized 60 four-wheelers from their possession.

According to Police Commissioner V. C. Sajjanar, the accused — 36-year-old Palle Naresh Kumar from RC Puram — took cars on rent with false promises to the owners and car travel agencies that he would give double income on the car.

“Naresh used to give rent for two or three months and later sell the vehicle for half price or mortgage the cars to others,” he said.

Other accused used to convince the public by saying that Mr. Naresh Kumar was getting these cars from the government agencies, bank-seized vehicles due to non-payment of loans, and sometimes auctioned vehicles by banks.

Soon, he befriended other accused, Badavath Raju Naik, Kalaumula Vikas, Golle Bharath Joshi alias Bharath, Bhanuri Election Reddy, Talla Narsimha Goud and convinced them to earn easy money by selling cars.

They all agreed to Naresh’s plan and started selling cars. In order to sell the cars, they directly approached different car travel agencies in Hyderabad and some individuals and took around 272 cars from them with an oral agreement to pay the rent monthly, Mr. Sajjanar said.

“Of 272 cars, 205 cars were forcefully taken back by the respective original owners of the cars. Out of the remaining 67 cars, one car was recovered by Tappachabutra Police and 50 cars were recovered by RC Puram Police and 13 cars are yet to be recovered,” the Commissioner said.

Based on the complaint lodged by one of the victims, who gave 11 cars to Naresh and got cheated, police registered a case and arrested them.

Mr. Sajjanar further cautioned the public to check the original documents thoroughly and confirm it through the RTA website, before buying pre-owned vehicles from unknown persons.

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