Geetu uploaded an emotional post – came out of the house without fulfilling that desire..!

Geetu Royal.. She became very popular by doing many motivational videos and then she raised her hopes for the show by doing Bigg Boss reviews. Always dreamed of going to this show. After all, she got a chance in Bigg Boss just as she wanted. She got a chance in season 6. Successfully entered the house. She played the game with the intention of winning the title.

But the audience felt that she is over-confident and over-acts in the house. It is clear that the audience did not vote for her as she did not correct her mistake even though she was patient for a long time. Recently Geetu came out of the house… not taking it easy. Watching Bigg Boss episodes…reminiscing about the days in the house…reminiscing.

Especially to stay till the family episode.. to show her mother to the world through Bigg Boss.. she hoped a lot. For this she bought a saree for her mother and asked her mother to wear this saree for this episode. Her husband said these things. But Geethu could not stay in the house until that task came. Geethu’s husband shared a video of her crying on social media saying that she was shocked by her sudden elimination. Now this video will go viral.

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