Gorillas Demba, Thabo on display

Ahead of their permanent display, the Mysuru zoo has put the newly-acquired gorillas from Germany on display on a trial basis to acclimatise the primates to the new enclosure and conditions, particularly the visitors.

Once they get used to the new surroundings, they would be on display all day, making them the newest attractions of the zoo after orangutans.

The enclosure for gorillas was constructed with funding from the Infosys Foundation.

The 14-year-old Thabo and 8-year-old Demba arrived here on August 19 from Germany and were in quarantine for many days.

The Mysuru zoo is the only zoo in the country to house gorillas. With the zoo getting the pair, the long wait for displaying gorillas after the death of Polo, the Western Lowland gorilla that died in 2014, finally ended. When Polo was alive, the zoo was then the sole zoo housing the animal.

The infrastructure developed for housing gorillas played a key role in acquiring the primates. The enclosure project was taken up at a cost of ₹2.5 crore.

Polo was gifted to Mysuru zoo by the Dublin zoo in 1995.

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