Govt. must release ‘report card’ on Nov. 1, says Kamal

Ministry to implement promises yet to be set up, he points out

Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal Haasan on Tuesday demanded that the DMK government follow through with its promise of releasing a monthly report card of its performance. He wanted it to be released on November 1.

Mr. Haasan said the DMK had made 505 promises as a part of its election manifesto. The 491st promise stated that a new ministry would be created to oversee the implementation of election promises. “The manifesto says that the State Planning Council will function under this ministry and the policies, schemes, promises and goals related to them will be supervised by it. This ministry would also supervise disposal of the petitions received from people within 100 days. On the 100th day from the day of taking charge, the Chief Minister will meet the press and explain the actions taken by him,” he said.

“The manifesto states that the Chief Minister will look into the implementation of these promises on the first working day of every month,” Mr. Haasan said, pointing out that 173 days had passed since DMK assumed power.

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