Govt. waging war against youth: NSUI

Students’ union protests against activist Disha Ravi’s arrest

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) on Wednesday protested against the arrest of climate change activist Disha Ravi and said that the government was “waging a war” against students and the country’s youth.

Citing instances of recent arrests, the NSUI said, “This government is flirting with fascist techniques of quelling democratic protest which is nothing new. By waging a war against students and the youth of India, [Prime Minister] Narendra Modi’s authoritarian face has been exposed once again.”

NSUI president Neeraj Kundan said, “Only four cases of the 191 sedition cases filed after this government came to power has been convicted. The government uses tough laws and misuses them to silence all dissenting voices.”

The union said, “The autocratic government is trying to suppress the people who stand or point against the government. India is a democratic country and the government has ignored the true essence of democracy, which has resulted in democracy being just a word in our country.”

“The image of a true democracy, of non-violence and peace in India has completely deteriorated after the arrest of Disha Ravi,” the NSUI said.

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