Graduating students told to help the poor whenever possible

‘Akka Mahadevi motivated women to become writers, activists during her time’

Chairperson of Infosys Foundation Sudha Murthy motivated students of Karnataka State Akka Mahadevi Women’s University to do well in their chosen field of activity and try and help the poor and needy whenever possible. She was delivering her convocation address online, to the graduating students of the university on Tuesday.

“Women have been gifted with management skills naturally. These skills should be utilised in the right manner. We must always tell the truth. But we should learn to tell the truth in soft, gentle and soothing words,” she said.

“This degree is not only an academic achievement but is also a reminder of your responsibility. You should help the needy, instil confidence in them and encourage them. You should console them with love, empathy and compassion,’’ she said.

Ms. Murthy spoke of how Akka Mahadevi motivated millions of women to become writers and activists during her time.

“One needs absolute focus of one’s mind, body and soul to achieve remarkable goals in life. If one possesses the courage to live in the real world, anybody can be an achiever. If you spend most of your time in pursuing your goals, you can definitely achieve them. We should stop wasting our time. Time should be valued and utilised in a proper way. We should turn our weaknesses into our strengths. Happiness is in our own hands, if you do so,’’ she said.

She asked women to go out in the world with an open mind and freedom and achieve success. There is no greater wealth or ornament than happiness. I advise you to be always grateful to your parents, to the family you are married into, to the teachers who have taught you, to the university and to society that has shaped your personality. People of North Karnataka are hard working by nature. This nature will take your life to new heights, she said.

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