Haryana launches three-day vaccination drive, administers maximum doses in September

“An all time high 65.53 lakh doses have been administered from September 1 to September 30," a state government spokesperson said.

The Haryana government launched a three-day Covid-19 vaccination drive on Thursday, setting a daily target of 3 lakh doses. On the first day of the drive, 2,31,810 doses were administered on September 30, taking the total number of vaccine doses administered in September to 65.53 lakh, the highest in a month so far in Haryana.

“An all-time high of 65.53 lakh doses have been administered from September 1 to September 30, that is significantly higher as compared to previous months. In June, a total of 28.74 lakh doses were administered, 29.58 lakh doses in July and in August 45.56 lakh doses were administered,” a state government spokesperson said Friday.

Till September 29, the state has administered more than 2.29 crore doses – 1,65,99,538 (81%) first dose and 63,19,693 (31%) second dose.

“Near to home COVID-19 vaccination centres have been started in order to cover the elderly and differently-abled citizens. Among various steps taken by the Health Department, prison inmates, orphanages, old age homes etc. were covered on priority. Haryana has been vaccinating pregnant women and lactating mothers as per the Government of India guidelines”, the spokesperson said.

“Besides this, Haryana Government has taken a key decision to cover all its employees by creating workplace COVID vaccination centres (CVCs) in each department at State and District level, so as to minimize the risk of spread of Covid-19 among office going individuals, the spokesperson added.

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