Haveri admn. getting ready food kits to be given to flood-affected on return

People eager to go back home in places where the situation is returning to normality

As rain has subsided and the water level receding, the Haveri district administration has begun getting food kits ready for those affected people who are in a position to return from the rehabilitation centres to their native places where the situation is returning to normality.

Meanwhile, work on restoring road connectivity, repairing damaged bridges, reconnecting power and water supply has begun.

In all, 130 rehabilitation centres have been set up in Haveri district where 15,249 people have taken shelter since the last few days. As there are indications of the situation gradually returning to normality, people also are eager to go back to their houses. As food items stored in the affected houses are most likely to have been damaged due to flood water entering them, the officials of the Department of Food and Civil Supplies have kept food kits ready to be distributed to the affected people at the time of their return.

Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies Vinod Heggalagi has said that each one of the food kits would have 10 kg of rice, 1 kg each of pulses, sugar, salt and edible oil along with five litres of kerosene. The officials have estimated that 3,800 families would require such food kits and accordingly, arrangements have been made.

Meanwhile, as per the direction of the Deputy Commissioner of Haveri, steps have been taken for immediate purchase of medicine worth ₹ 20 lakh in the district. Steps have also been taken for screening residents for epidemics and healthcare centres have already been opened at rehabilitation centres.

Road repair

With rain abating, the officials of the Public Works Department have taken steps to restore road connectivity. The restoration of roads in Hangal, Suraleshwar, Neeralagi, Guilagundi, and roads in Haveri city, Byadgi taluk and others has been completed already, according to officials.

According to an official estimate, damage to the tune of ₹ 97.89 crore has been caused to roads, power supply and drinking water network and other infrastructure in the district. According to an initial estimate, ₹ 46 crore would be required to pay compensation in the district. As many as 7,384 houses have been damaged and the floods have killed 126 head of cattle. Survey for assessing crop loss is under progress. Meanwhile, reduced rainfall has enabled farmers to take up various farm activities in places not affected by floods.

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