Haveri chosen for pilot under NFSM

Inter-cropping farming to be promoted in the district

Haveri district has been chosen for implementation of National Food Security Mission (NFSM)’s inter-cropping scheme in the State on a pilot basis.

Agriculture Minister B.C. Patil and Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai made this announcement at a joint press conference in Haveri on Wednesday after formally distributing seed kits for inter-cropping.

The Ministers said that the project has been designed with an objective of helping farmers get better revenue through cultivation of multi-crops. Mr. Bommai said that Mr. Patil has taken special interest in getting the project for Haveri district.

Mr. Bommai said that maize is being grown in over two lakh acres in Haveri district. If through inter-cropping, different crops, including pulses and oil seeds, are cultivated, farmers have a chance of getting guaranteed income, he said.

Mr. Patil said that steps have been taken to promote inter-cropping with an objective of helping farmers.

Even if one crop is lost, the other crop will help farmers and prevent them from falling into debts, he said.

The Minister said that the district has been allocated seed kits of pulses worth ₹2.44 crore for distribution among farmers for cultivation in 600 hectares.

Seeds of pulses and oil seeds will be distributed in all the Raita Samparka Kendras in the taluks, he said.

Joint Director of Agriculture Manjunath said that mono-cropping resulted in deterioration of soil fertility leading to a fall in production. Inter-cropping will help in restoring soil fertility and subsequent increase in productivity. In Haveri district, where mainly maize and cotton are grown, pulses, including red gram and oil seeds such as soyabean, are being given to farmers for inter-cropping, he said.

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