Helping residents stay connected during the pandemic

Residents of Valmiki Nagar in Thiruvanmiyur have a WhatsApp group to share information that is exclusively COVID-19-related; and it is called ‘Valmiki Nagar’

Jayanthi Prem Chander, a resident of Valmiki Nagar, says, “In this group, we share information and contact numbers of essential services, doctors, fever clinics, and vaccination centres. Besides, notifications from the State Government is shared on this group.”

Earlier, they had what was called ‘Valmiki Nagar Storm Water Drain’ group and it was meant “to stop the construction of stormwater drains in places that did not need the facility”.

The residents also maintain another WhatsApp group called ‘[email protected]’ pertaining to solid waste management.

The aim of the group is to promote the idea of reuse and recycling.

Through this group, residents have sold bicycles, washing machines, and smartphones.

Yet another WhatsApp group maintained by the residents is called ‘VN Forwards’ where people post about a variety of topics.

“These online groups have brought people together and created a bond among residents. We are proud to be residents of Valmiki Nagar,” she adds.

Valmiki Nagar area consists of First Seaward Road, Second Seaward Raod, Third Seaward Road, Fourth Seward Road, Balakrishna Road, and Rajagopalan Street.

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