Helping students pick up the reading habit at home

Rituparna S., a Class 5 student from Kendriya Vidyalaya 1, Panambur, has neatly arranged dictionaries, encyclopaediae, story books and magazines in a cupboard and posted her selfie on the WhatsApp group of the class as part of “My Home Library” activity.

Similarly, Ansh D. Naik, a Class 6 student, has posted his selfie with a shelf in which he has arranged dictionaries, magazines and other books in the background.

“My Home Library” is among the reading activities that the 1,600 students of the school are involved in since the start of the new academic year on June 22.

“With students being at home, they have plenty of time. We are getting them involved in the activity to cultivate the reading habit among them,” said school principal Ganesh Indrale.

Apart from “My Home Library”, students are involved in reading newspapers, writing poems, reviewing biographies of thinkers and also story writing. Select activities are being featured on the school’s blog.

School librarian S.N. Bhat said that the activity has been received well by students, more so by those in the primary section. “While arranging books, they are going through them. The incentive of being featured on the school’s blog is also driving students to take up the activity,” he said.

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