Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann ki Baat

Mr. Modi said “Friends, the country is fighting the coronavirus pandemic on many fronts.”

In his 68th Mann ki Baat, on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his speech with his greetings to Onam and Barna festival.

Salient features of Mr. Modi’s Mann ki baat

  • Onam is becoming an international festival that is linked with agriculture. It highlights the importance of our farmers. Our farmers have proven their worth with their hard work even during Coronavirus pandemic. Our kharif produce has gone up over previous years
  • Friends, the country is fighting the coronavirus pandemic on many fronts. I was curious how are our young friends are coping with the disease.
  • Mr. Modi said "I had a discussion with the children at the Childrens’ museum in Gandhinagar. We discussed about the importance of toys. Different kinds of toys that is made in India. I must say sorry to parents since the demand for new toys may now come up."
  • Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore has said the best toys are those that are incomplete. So that the child can complete it while playing with it. PM stresses the importance of toys and fun learning in the National Education Policy. The global toy industry is about 7 lakh crore but he said that India’s share is very small.
  • India has a rich tradition of local toys — from Karnataka to Kondapalli in Andhra Pradesh to Dhubri in Assam.
  • I appeal to my start Up friends …come lets Team Up for toys.
  • Similarly, there is tremendous demand for video games… but these games hardly have Indian content
  • Gandhi ji had called for the non-cooperation movement  to become self-reliant and develop self-respect. Let this now mature into Atma Nirbhar
  • Recently, we encouraged the development of apps with Indian innovation. Several apps have come up now. These small steps will eventually create India’s identity
  • The month of September is also the month of nutrition for mother and children. The development of students are linked to the nutrition. People’s participation nis very important to make Nutrition month a people’s movement. Like a school has class monitor, there should be a nutrition monitor and nutrition card

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