Himanta Biswa Sarma: CAA non-issue, Ajmal ‘enemy’ of Assam

Himanta targeted AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal, saying the perfume baron-MP was an “enemy” of Assam.

YOUNG MEN in Assam were more preoccupied in discussing whether or not the state government will launch a scheme to distribute motorcycles among them, like the one it has for meritorious girl students, than the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act, senior state minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday. He also targeted AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal, saying the perfume baron-MP was an “enemy” of Assam.

The Assam government has a scheme to distribute two-wheelers to girl students who secure first division in Class 12 exams. Sarma said that young men were now considering whether the government will consider distributing motorcycles to them as well. “That’s what the topic [of discussion] is… and not the CAA,” Sarma told reporters here.

Sarma continued that he held Ajmal to be an “enemy” of the state. Ajmal’s AIUDF, which has tied up with the Congress for the upcoming state elections, enjoys a large support base amongst the state’s Bengali-origin Muslim community.

“Badruddin Ajmal represents the most dangerous phase of Assam’s politics. He is bringing money from fundamentalist organisations in the name of social service, he is creating a network which is not conducive to Assamese culture. Not as an individual, but as a symbol of certain people, they are our enemy,” said Sarma.

Sarma said that if anyone calls him the extreme of polarisation politics, he will be happy. “I am happy to be extreme. I am an extremist in protecting Indian and Assamese culture in this land. Ajmal is trying for something, which is alien to Assamese culture. I am trying to protect Indian nationalism. There have to be two extremes. If there is a north pole, there will be a south pole,” said Sarma.

On Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Assam on Sunday, Sarma said the field could hold only around 15,000 people. “To meet only 15,000 people, a popular, busy leader like Rahul Gandhi should not have wasted one day,” he said.

“Congress is conducting Assam Bachao campaign… but bachao from whom? Assam has to be saved from the immigrant Muslim people who came from Bangladesh and are destroying Assamese culture and Assam’s identity… But through the bus journey, they are going only to those areas, then how will they save Assam. If they want to save Assam, let them take a step against immigrant Muslims and say we will protect Assam’s culture,” Sarma said.

Sarma’s comments come weeks after he said that the BJP did not need votes of the Bengali-origin Muslim community in Assam — often colloquially referred to as ‘Miya’ Muslims — to win over 100 seats in the state elections.

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