Hindutva activist threatens ‘retaliation’ to provocation

A video clip of a Hindutva activist’s speech threatening a repeat of the Gujarat riots of 2002 has gone viral in Hassan. Mahipal, who has been associated with the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Hassan, allegedly delivered the provocative speech at a public programme held at Arsikere town on October 27.

The VHP and Bajrang Dal had organised a procession and public programme on the day. Mr. Mahipal, addressing the gathering, said that Hindus would not start violence without any provocation, but would retaliate if attacked. “You need not go to history to understand this. You remember what happened in Gujarat in 2002,” he said. He also asked people of a particular community to “stay put at home doing prayers five times a day”.

Referring to the size of the crowd gathered, he said the gathering was only a trailer and the organisers would show the actual movie during Hanuman Jayanti.


The Sunni Muslim Jamat Committee of Arsikere has filed a petition to the Arsikere tahsildar demanding action against those who delivered provocative speeches at the programme. The committee has also alleged that the participants at the VHP programme raised slogans targeting a community.

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