HM suspended


Three persons, including a headmistress of Government Primary School, at Naganur have been placed under suspension on the charge of possessing rotten eggs in the kitchen of the school.

Collector T. Prabhu Shankar on Saturday said that he had recently visited the school on complaints over the quality of food served to the beneficiaries of mid day meal scheme. He had tested the food quality and the cooking method. He also checked the eggs, which were meant to be served to the children. The food was found to be normal and the cooked eggs were also good. But, it was found that some rotten eggs, which should have been destroyed as and when they were found to be in inferior quality, were kept in the kitchen.

Following this, Thenmozhi, Noon Meal Organiser and Lakshmi, cook, were suspended. Headmistress of the school Dhanalakshmi was also placed under suspension.

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