Jaggery producers in Salem advised to install CCTV cameras in units

The district administration and Food Safety Department have advised jaggery manufacturers here to install CCTV cameras on their business premises.

Omalur, Kadayampatti, Sankari and Edappadi are the major centres of jaggery production in the district and there are over 180 manufacturing units in the district. The State government recently ordered the manufacturers to install CCTV cameras in their units to prevent adulteration. They were told to make the recordings available for food safety officers whenever demanded.

R. Kathiravan, Designated Officer, Food Safety, said the CCTV cameras should cover the entire manufacturing process. The jaggery producers had been advised on the ill-effects of adulteration and over 50 units had already installed the cameras, he added.

According to officials, refined jaggery, maida, food colours, and fertilizers like super phosphate are some commonly used adulterants in jaggery to improve its colour, stickiness and shelf life.

Mr. Kathiravan warned that stern action would be taken against the adulterators.

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