Jail term for sand miner

A sand miner, Anbuselvan, of Thummalapatti Vadakku Theru in Batlagundu, Dindigul district, has been directed to serve two month jail term after he violated the six months conduct pledge submitted to the revenue authorities.

After the police raided the riverbed and detained the accused on March 3, he had given an undertaking under the Criminal Procedure Code Act that he would not indulge in such offence again. The undertaking was in force for six months.

However, on June 23, he was allegedly found mining sand from the riverbed following which the police booked him and detained him in the Nilakottai jail. Following the violation of the conduct rule, the jurisdiction Tahsildar directed Anbuselvan to serve two months in jail as he figured in the offence again when the bond was in force. The police shifted him to Dindigul sub-jail. Superintendent of Police Ravali Priya on Thursday told reporters that the public can alert the police about any sand theft in their locality and assured prompt action.

Gaja smuggling

She said that surveillance had been intensified after there were complaints of ganja being smuggled into the district. The police have set up special barricades on the highways to intercept vehicles.

Two days ago, when a team of officers led by Oddanchatram Inspector Venkatachalapathi were checking vehicles near Reddiarchatram check post, checks on a car revealed that three persons were in possession of 17 kgs of ganja. They were identified as Pon Arjunan (21) of Sukkampatti, Dinesh Kumar (23) and Naveen (22) of Dindigul.

She said that public sharing information about such narcotics movements would be kept confidential and assured swift action.

Case against four

Following a complaint from VAO Loganathan, the district police registered a case against four persons after they confessed to have incited hatred against another community. The SP said that members of Manitha Neya Makkal Katchi and Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam cadres staged demonstration against the petrol price hike.

Some of the demonstrators had drawn a caste symbol on a little boy and posed for photographs alleging the Centre of cheating gullible public by selling petroleum products at exorbitant prices.

The police arrested Abdul Hakeem (31), Ponnusami (26), Mujibur Rahman (26) and Mohamed Feroze (22) and produced them in a court.

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