Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy responds to CBI notice, asks for new date because…

A key development has taken place in murder case of  the former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy. The CBI has increased aggressiveness in the investigation of this murder case and has issued notices to Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy. As part of the investigation of the case, the CBI officials who went to Pulivendu on Monday handed over notices to YS Avinash’s PA. It has been clarified that he should come for investigation on Tuesday. In the notices, it is mentioned that Avinash Reddy has to attend the investigation at the CBI office in Hyderabad at 3 pm. Responding to the notices given by the CBI, YS Avinash Reddy gave a reply to the officials of the CBI through a letter. It was mentioned that he would cooperate with the investigation in all ways. 

Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy informed the CBI officials that he is occupied for the next 5 days. He asked the CBI officials to give a fresh date for appearance.

Avinash Reddy informed the CBI officials that he could not come due to pre-arranged programs. 

It is known that YS Vivekananda Reddy was brutally murdered on 15th March 2019. Erra Gangireddy, who was Viveka’s main follower for 30 years, is the key accused in the case. There are allegations that many celebrities are involved in this case. 


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