Karnataka High Court closed for a day for sanitisation

A notification, issued late yesterday night, did not state any specific reason other than “unavoidable circumstances.”

The functioning of the Principal Bench of the Karnataka High Court in Bengaluru has been suspended for a day today to carry out sanitisation work, said a notification issued late night on Monday.

“It is hereby notified to the litigant public/advocates/ party-in-person/ officers and staff of the High Court of Karnataka, Principal Bench, Bengaluru, that the judicial/non-judicial/administrative functions of the High Court of Karnataka, Principal Bench, Bengaluru is hereby suspended for one day viz., on June 30, 2020 for sanitisation of the entire High Court complex, due to unavoidable circumstances,” said a notification issued by the Registrar-General.

However, the notification has not cited any specific reason for sanitisation except stating that “due to unavoidable circumstances.”

Following this, the hearing of all the cases, through videoconferencing and a few selected ones through the physical presence of the advocates, could not commence.

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