‘Kavin’ joins Perambalur Police Detective Dog Squad

Forty-day-old ‘Kavin’ is the latest addition to the Detective Dog Squad of the Perambalur Police. The male pup, a Labrador Retriever, is a replacement for ‘Julie’ which died in April this year after putting in nine years of service in the squad. ‘Kavin’ was bought from Salem and would be trained for detecting explosive substances, say police sources. The pup is being taken care of at the Detective Dog Squad by a handler attached to the squad which is situated in the District Armed Reserve unit premises here.

Basic training in obedience for the pup would commence when it becomes three months old, say the sources adding that it would be sent to the Detective Dog Training Centre of the State police at Coimbatore once it is six-months old. The comprehensive training for ‘Kavin’ in detecting different types of explosive substances would be conducted for a period of six months at Coimbatore. Upon completion of the training, it would be formally inducted into the service to carry out its assigned missions. Superintendent of Police, Perambalur, S. Mani christened the pup as ‘Kavin’ when it was shown to him at the District Police Office on Wednesday.

The Dog Squad of the Perambalur Police has been sanctioned four detective dogs with two for detecting explosive substances and two others for crime detection. Presently, two sniffer dogs ‘Bhairava’ and ‘Sakthi’ are currently undergoing training at the Detective Dog Squad Training Centre in Coimbatore. While ‘Bhairava’ is undergoing training to aid the police in crime detection, ‘Sakthi’ is undergoing training in detection of explosive substances. The sniffer dog which is now in service at present at the squad is seven-year-old ‘Ninja’ trained for crime detection, the sources added.

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