KCR’s Ultimatum To RTC Employees

Telangana CM KCR has given a ‘final’ call to all the protesting RTC employees and issued an ultimatum to them to join the work before Tuesday midnight (Nov 5, 2019). The state government made a strict indication that it would not join any employee who fails to join the service before Nov 5th.

CM KCR said he would permit the private buses in the remaining 5000 routes as well if workers of TSRTC won’t join their service by tomorrow midnight. He said by giving time to protesting employees, CM KCR said it is a good chance for the protesters. KCR said the ball is in the court of RTC workers and unions. He said it is upon the respective individual worker whether to join service or whether to lose jobs and push their respective families into troubles. Telangana state government said to have taken the opinion of legal experts in the RTC strike row. It is learnt that the state government has completely read and understood the Labour Laws and Union Transport Laws.

The TS government made it clear that it would even move the Supreme Court if the outcome is not favourable to it. CM KCR said  the Supreme Court verdict would be delayed for months to years and it would cause huge damage to RTC employees and their families. He said it would be wise and good for employees and their families if the employees join the service latest by Tuesday midnight.

Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar, Chief Advisor Dr Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary SK Joshi, senior officials Narsing Rao, Ramakrishna Rao, Sunil Sharma, Sandeep Sultania, Aravind Kumar, Lokesh Kumar, Advocate General Sivananda Prasad and Additional AG Ramchander Rao were all accompanying CM KCR during the press brief.  RTC unions seem to be taking CM KCR as light.

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