Kerala to set up regional facilities for construction waste management

Kerala government has decided to set up regional facilities under the public private partnership mode for the management of construction and demolition waste.

The plants will be set up as part of the Kerala Solid Waste Management Project supported by the World Bank. The government will issue guidelines for usage of construction and demolition waste in public works after setting up the regional facilities, according to the Department of Local Self Government.

Around 5% of the area in the industrial parks will be used to implement recycling and recovery facilities. The Department of Town and Country Planning is in the process of incorporating sites for waste management in the approved master plan.

A circular issued by the Director of Panchayat has pointed out that grama panchayats should ensure detailed plan and undertaking of disposal from the producers of construction and demolition Waste. The local bodies need to ensure the final clean-up of construction and demolition sites.

Containers should be installed at construction and demolition sites to collect waste. The practice of disposal of waste at the source level should be encouraged. The entrepreneurs who intended to produce 20 tonnes of waste daily/300 tonnes of waste monthly should secure prior permission from the grama panchayats.

Grama panchayats in collaboration with experts in this field may prepare novel plans related to the disposal of construction and demolition waste and such information may be published on the websites of the grama panchayats.

Recycling of construction and demolition waste should be encouraged. Suitable methods for the disposal/recycling of construction and demolition waste should be ensured either in the ownership of Grama panchayats or on the basis of ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with private parties, it said.

Every permit holder for construction of a building and for demolition of an existing building or concrete structure shall be responsible for safe disposal of waste generated during the process of such construction and demolition in accordance with the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016, according to the rules prescribed by the government.

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