KSEB warns against online scams

Attempts to steal personal information by impersonating as KSEB officials

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has warned consumers to be on guard against online scams designed to steal sensitive personal information by impersonating KSEB officials.

The State power utility said on Monday that electricity consumers were receiving fake messages warning them that their electricity connection will be cut if power bill payments were not made immediately or if the consumer numbers are not linked to Aadhaar.

The messages also carry a mobile phone number. On dialling it, the victim is asked to download an app and gets tricked into revealing bank account-related information which could result in money being stolen from the account.

The KSEB has asked its consumers not to respond to such messages.

Genuine messages sent by the KSEB contain the 13-digit consumer number, the name of the electrical section, the bill payment deadline, and the link for online payments. KSEB officials never ask for personal details such as the bank account number or OTP.

The KSEB has also asked its consumers to immediately contact the power utility on the customer care toll-free number 1912 or the nearest KSEB section office if they receive suspicious messages.

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