Kudumbashree auxiliary groups established in all wards of Kozhikode Corpn

Groups of 50 formed by members from all sections of society to address issues faced by young women

The Kudumbashree Mission of the Kozhikode Corporation has completed the formation of auxiliary groups in all the wards of the corporation, with an aim to address the various issues faced by young women.

The auxiliary groups are separate from the usual Kudumbashree hierarchy of Neighbourhood Groups, ADSs and CDSs that form the basic structure of the mission. “These groups are of a maximum of 50 women of the age group 18-40, from all sections of society and not just the financially backward sections that are often part of the Kudumbashree movement”, said T.K. Prakashan, project coordinator of Kudumbashree in the corporation.

The auxiliary groups have been designed to address the various issues of young women such as mental and physical stress, being forced to resign from their jobs after marriage, lack of employment despite being highly qualified, lack of avenues to improve their skills, lack of confidence to face issues, domestic violence, social media traps, dowry-related violence, alcoholism and drug abuse. “We have noticed that several women fall into all kinds of traps when they have enough idle time at hand. There is a need to get them engaged in some kind of activities”, Mr. Prakashan said, adding that the auxiliary group aims at empowering the women financially and socially.

More than one person from the same family could be part of an auxiliary group and there can be any number of auxiliary groups. The groups are led by a five-member team.

“There has been a criticism that the resources of Kudumbashree are limited to the women in the financially backward families and the rest are left out. Through the auxiliary groups, we could find a solution to this issue, as the financial status is irrelevant in them”, Mr. Prakashan said.

The auxiliary groups in the corporation were launched earlier this month by Mayor Beena Philip.

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